Windows 11

Windows 11 is trying to take away your autonomy by imposing lockdown and - while this may not be new - it has evolved slowly into a monopoly over your data. Now you are locked into their services; their cloud, their software, their hardware modules. They have been boiling you slowly in a pot for so long, you are becoming comfortable with it, and even, in some extreme cases, you are forced to get into the water.

If you want encryption and you’re not tech savvy, you’re forced to use Windows’ encryption software (Bitlocker). If you want to save your data but aren’t tech savvy, you likely turn to easy solutions like this because it’s what is shipped in Windows Home. The average consumer is very forcibly “asked” to use their software and hardware in order to keep you so walled in that you can’t function without them. It’s very hard, as with Google and its parent company Alphabet, to switch out of this mindset.

It’s a prison but you can break free.