What exactly does Windows collect on you? Well..

Just from one angle, the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi?

Geo-location via Wi-Fi & Bluetooth: Whether it is Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, or even Ubuntu. Most popular Operating Systems now collect telemetry information by default even if you never opt-in or opted-out from the start. Some like Windows will not even allow disabling telemetry completely without some technical tweaks. This information collection can be extensive and include a staggering number of details (metadata and data) on your devices and their usage.

Itemized lists:



  • Download and install W10Privacy
  • Right-click > Run as administrator
  • Check all the recommended (Green) settings and save.
  • Optional but recommended (but could break things, use at your own risk), also check the orange/red settings, and save.
  • Reboot


  • Download and run WindowsSpyBlocker
  • Type 1 and go into Telemetry
  • Type 1 and go into Firewall
  • Type 2 and add Spy Rules
  • Reboot

Also, consider using O&O ShutUp10++:

  • Download and run O&O ShutUp10++
  • Enable at least all of the recommended settings.

Settings > Privacy > Diagnostic > Delete all Data

You will need to update and re-run W10Privacy and WindowsSpyBlocker frequently and after any Windows update as they tend to silently re-enable telemetry using those updates.

As a bonus, it could be interesting to also consider hardening your Windows host. (This is a security guide, not a privacy guide.)

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